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2020-03-31 by pee on my leg

max length = 1:50, overweight >= 40

2020-03-21 by WebFreak

These are my favorite map 5-6 star. Maplist have a few jump, stream and technical map. All maps you should play on (No Mod).

2020-03-16 by BenyGames

new maps on 13.03.2020

2020-03-13 by 3Deviant

2020-03-13 by 3Deviant

Some ranked maps to FC. First list.

2020-03-07 by Ridley

as the title suggests

2020-02-25 by RobbieSpeedyNL

as the title suggests

2020-02-25 by RobbieSpeedyNL

Vibe with High Star map

2020-02-13 by _Rizk4y

2020-02-13 by Steel River Mk1

2020-01-06 by WebFreak

full spreadsheet here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1edHZijvZGgCt24jT12ABSKKEhi_Z4UqU55A7flJPC-0/edit#gid=0 "Each skill will have 20 levels. Each level will have 11 maps, 10 of which you will have to FC/pass depending on the skill. This means you get one freebie that you do not have to do for every level, so if you get mind blocked on something, don’t worry— you just have to do all the other ones instead."

2020-01-06 by xenonius

Just something I created.

2019-12-27 by BlackAttempt

In titles all written

2019-12-22 by ZeroToShito

play with shuffle 5-7* maps, not really a pp playlist at all there are some DT songs in here but that should be fine i like these maps shut up

2019-12-22 by xenonius

2019-12-21 by pee on my leg

2019-12-19 by WebFreak

Another Maplist i Already Farm 4.8-5.4* (Alot 5*-5.1*) TV-Size / 3.30 Min

2019-11-26 by SleepingD

2019-10-17 by -Ahiru-

As title.

2019-09-29 by Steel River Mk1